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Mar 21, 2014

Original release date:March 21, 2014

In an episode that went off the rails more than a few times Lana, Mike, Destin, Justin, Dave and I manage to talk about evangelical Christians praying to resurrect people, GMOs, consciousness possessing cheerios and whether or not Wolverine is an atheist for the skeptical geek segment.

Crazy evangelicals want access to the dead so they can try and pray them back alive

Somehow this discussion ended up discussing GMOs and it was asserted that Bill Nye is ant-gmo and that Michael Shermer wrote the article saying that. Neither of those things are true.


Fred Phelps died and we seem to be a bit torn about how to react.


Would you like some woo with your cheerios?

Cheerios has decided to change is ingredients from GMO to certified non-GMO ingredients in a move that is apparently meant to reduce the nutritional value, raise the price and still provide you with  almost 1% of your gmo cereal needs. - cheerios used to contain 25% of your daily recommended intake of riboflavin but that’s gone done to 2%

-used to be 0% saturated fat and now it’s 3% saturated fat The funny part isn’t the GMO, non-gmo thing though it’s what comes next. From

“When investigators looked at who likely assisted General Mills and Post acquire non-GMO ingredients, the investigators uncovered the “Non-GMO Project” and its director/advisor John Fagan, whose formal title is Raja of the Global Country of World Peace with Responsibility for Food Safety and Purity for Healthy Invincibility, affiliated with the Maharishi movement in Fairfield, Iowa.  John Fagan also is the founder of Genetic-ID, a business that performs tests to verify that food products meet the various non-GMO standards.  Genetic-ID earns millions by generating scare campaigns and brand-name threats relating to GM ingredients.

With John Fagan involved in ingredient sourcing and testing reformulated products, maybe including Cheerios and Grape Nuts, the investigation takes another bizarre turn.  Fagan promotes Vedic organic products and proclaims that foods do not need “chemical vitamins” because the Marahishi products he promotes have higher levels of “consciousness” which consumers receive when they eat these products.  Fagan’s magical foods gain this higher level of consciousness through the specific sound vibrations generated by specially trained Vedic Pandits who chant at certain vibrations over the crops and ingredients of food products.  Vedic Pandits used different sound vibrations at different stages of crop growth; these vibrations replace “chemical vitamins” and “fertilizers” so that the plants—believe it or not—express increased levels of intelligent consciousness.”

Scientists find gravitational waves that they predicted were there due to the aftershock of the big bang. (I actually have learned a lot about this since the episode as it's been talked about on a lot of other podcasts)

How atheism help shape the modern world.

In the Skeptical Geek segment we discuss whether or not Wolverine is an atheist, and we kind of get stuck on what that means.


“Has Wolverine been an atheist? Yes, absolutely. Has he identified himself as an atheist in the past? Yes. Is he an atheist today? That is a more difficult question to answer. Currently, this question seems open to interpretation depending on the writer or reader. On more than one occasion, Wolverine has been shown having experiences that led him to have faith in "immaterial" and "metaphysical" phenomenon, including God and Heaven.”

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