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May 8, 2017

In this one we talked a bit about a recent court ruling about Catholic schools in Saskatchewan. We went off track a bit because we were so well behaved with our guest earlier. Then we went on to talk about a few other topics. 


Saskatchewan ruling on Catholic schools could have far-reaching consequences…/saskatche…/article34789962/

Court ruling bars Sask. gov't from funding non-Catholic students in Catholic schools…/saskatchewan-catholic-student-funding-1…

Judge rules Sask. government cannot fund non-Catholic students in Catholic schools…/judge-rules-non-catholic-students-c…/

Long-running Theodore court case decides non-Catholic students won't be funded to attend Catholic schools…/long-running-theodore-court-case-de…

Saskatchewan can't give Catholic schools money for non-Catholic students: court…/saskatchewan-can-t-give-catholic-sc…

Provincial funding for non-Catholics attending separate schools violates Charter: judge…

Court rules public dollars for non-Catholic separate school students unconstitutional

Saskatchewan’s landmark Catholic education ruling has Alberta officials watching closely…/saskatchewans-landmark-catholic-edu…/

Don Morgan, School Board Associations respond to Catholic funding ruling…/don-morgan-and-catholic-school-boar…/

Minister says ruling means thousands of non-Catholics must change schools…/minister-says-ruling-mea…

Court ruling could force thousands of Sask. students from Catholic schools, education minister says…/saskatchewan-catholic-student-funding-1…

Should non-Catholic kids be allowed to attend Catholic schools?…/local-news/2017/04/22/042217-…/

A bunch of links talking about the recent court decision.


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