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Brainstorm Podcast

Just want to say thanks for listening to our show. We work hard to produce good, fun, skeptical content and hope that you enjoy it. If you want to support the podcast or any of our other projects you can find more information on our main website or go to our Patreon page at 

May 22, 2017

In this one the crew spent some time talking blasphemy and spent some more time on the woo surrounding women's health. 

Rene’s Story

Cory’s Story

May 8, 2017

In this one we talked a bit about a recent court ruling about Catholic schools in Saskatchewan. We went off track a bit because we were so well behaved with our guest earlier. Then we went on to talk about a few other topics. 


Saskatchewan ruling on Catholic schools could have far-reaching consequences

Apr 24, 2017

Our guest, Justin, stayed with us for a bit longer in this one as we cover some religious nuttery segments, a bit about some improper practices by Alberta Health Services, and we consider why Russia seems to be so adamantly against gay rights. 

Here are some notes to our stories

Religious Nuttery

Rene’s Story

Apr 17, 2017

In this one we had Justin Bender from the local sci-fi inspired band; Third Ion. We talk about music, being a geek, and just about anything else that comes to mind. After the ad break we try to look at all the recent military action without panicking. 

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Apr 3, 2017

We had a lot of fun with this interview and made plenty of inappropriate jokes. Natalie and Dan were great and rolled with our usual Brainstorm chaos really well.  After we let them go we spent a little bit of time talking about the gender pay gap.

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